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Feb, 2020

Important Dates 2020- Baseball

2020 Important Baseball Dates
Printable version --> Important Dates 2020 - Baseball.pdf


February 12:  Registration at St. Francis Primary, 2202 Colton Blvd, 5-7 PM.

February 19:  Registration at St. Francis Primary, 2202 Colton Blvd, 5-7 PM.


March 1:  9/10 & 11/12 Majors Tryouts; 1200-1600, Swing Lab; If weather permits, any and all tryouts will be at an outside field, TBD.

March 5:  11/12 Majors Make Up Tryouts; 3:30-5:00, Swing Lab.

March 6:  9/10 Majors Make Up Tryouts; 3:30-5:00, Swing Lab.

March 6:  11/12 Majors Baseball Draft.  Players notified of team within a week.

March 9:  9/10 Majors Baseball Draft.  Players notified of team within a week.

March 15:  Minors Machine Pitch Observation; 2:00-4:00, Swing Lab.

March 22:  Minors Machine Pitch Make Up Observation; 2:00-4:00, Swing Lab.

March 23:  Minors Machine Pitch Draft.  Players notified of team within a week.

TBD:  District Plate and Field Umpire Clinic.


April 7&8: Baseball Mandatory Managers Meeting; Scheels, 6:30-8:30 PM.

April 9:  Formation of T-Ball and Coach Pitch teams.  Players notified of team within a week.

TBD:  T-Ball/Coach Pitch Town Hall Meeting for parents

TBD:  Juniors/Seniors Tryouts.

 April 14:  Opening Day for Majors and above.

April 21:  Minors Machine Pitch season begins.

April 28:  T-Ball and Coach Pitch season begins.


May 16:  Big Sky Game Day at Rose Park.

May 29:  T-Ball and Coach Pitch season ends.

May 22:  Minors Tournament of Champions (TOC) begins. 

May 30:  Minors TOC Championship


June 1:  9/10 All-Star Tryouts-Tentative

June 2:  11/12 All-Star Tryouts-Tentative

June 4:  Regular season ends for Senior Baseball.

June 8:  Seniors TOC begins.

June 9&10:  Regular season ends for 9/10, 11/12, and Juniors Baseball.

June 13:  9/10, 11/12, and Juniors TOC begins.

June 13:  Senior Baseball TOC Championship.

June 17-20:  Seniors All-Star Round Robin.

June 20:  9/10, 11/12, and Juniors TOC Championship.

June 22:  Seniors All-Stars Double Elimination (DE) Tournament begins.

June 27&28: Seniors All-Star Championship.
June 29:  Juniors All-Star RR begins.


July 7:  9/10, 10/11, & 11/12 All-Stars RR begins.
July 11: 
Juniors Baseball All-Star DE begins.

July 13:  10/11 All-Star DE begins.
July 17&18:
9/10, 11/12 All-Star DE begins.

July 18:  10/11 and Juniors Baseball District Championship.

July 21:  Senior Baseball All-Star Regional.

July 24-27: 10/11 and Juniors Montana State Tournament begins @ District 2.

July 25:  9/10 and 11/12 Baseball All-Star DE District Championship.

July 30:  9/10, 10/11, and 11/12 Baseball All-Star Montana State Championship @ District 2.

August 1-8:  Seniors Baseball World Series.

August 5-12:  Juniors Baseball All-Star Regional.

August 9-15:  Baseball Major All-Star Regional begins.

August 16:  Junior Baseball All-Star World Series begins.

August 20-30:  Majors Baseball All-Star World Series.

August 26:  Fall Ball sign up and team formation.


September 12:  Fall Ball games begin.


October 18:  Fall Ball season ends.

October 22:  Big Sky Little League Annual Meeting.


2020 Big Sky Little League Board

President:  Troy Stiles

Vice President:  Margaret Stiles

Secretary:  Chris Hertz

Treasure:  Scott Barber

Player Agent:  Justin Jennings

Safety Manager:  Eric Wallace

VP of Softball:  Kristin Kulaga

Umpire in Charge:  Shawn Welch

Registration Coordinator:  Rob French/Steve Walton

Equipment Manager:  Shawn Kipp

Fundraising Coordinator:  Greg Franks

Sponsorship Coordinator:  Steve Walton

Website Coordinator:  Rob French

Facebook Information Coordinator:  Kristin Kulaga

Facilities and Grounds Manager:  Eric Wallace

Coaching/Training Coordinator:  Mike Willett

Uniforms Coordinators:  Troy and Margaret Stiles

VP of League Development (T-ball and Coach Pitch):  Chris Hertz

VP of Minors and 9-10 Majors:  Mike Willett

VP of 11-12 Majors:  Greg Franks

VP of Upper Divisions (Junior and Seniors):  Steve Walton

Concessions Manager:  Margaret Stiles


***Please visit our website at or our Facebook page at www.facebook/BigSkyLittleLeague for the most up to date information during the season.


***Please take a moment to thank and support our sponsors.  We appreciate their dedication to growing the game of baseball in Big Sky Country.  All team sponsors are acknowledged on uniforms and/or our Majors outfield fences at Rose and Veterans Park.


***Whether your opponent was safe or out, will generally be forgotten over time.  But the actions of players, coaches, and spectators are generally remembered.  The next time you attend a game, think of how history will remember you.



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